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Portland Children’s Levy Dedicated Funding Streams Property Tax

A property tax levy that, along with state matching funds, will provide child and family support services.

In 2002, voters first approved a levy to support early childhood education through property taxes. It was renewed in 2008 with the approval of 72 percent of voters, in 2013 with 74 percent, and in 2018 with 83 percent. The levy requests $0.4026 per $1,000 of assessed property value, generating approximately $27 million annually. Funds from the levy support citywide early childhood, after-school, mentoring, child abuse prevention/intervention, foster care, and hunger relief programs. In the 2021-22 grant cycle, the Children’s Levy devoted 27% of its funds, or $7.4 million,  to early learning – its largest concentration of investment by far.

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City population

635,067 Source U.S. Census Bureau, 2022

Persons under 5 years old

4.40% Source U.S. Census Bureau, 2022

Poverty levels: Children 0-8 below 200% poverty

N/A Source KIDS COUNT, 2021

Median family income among households with children

$111,300.00 Source KIDS COUNT, 2021

Unemployment rate

3.5% Source U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018

Unemployment rate of parents

26% Source KIDS COUNT, 2021

Children under age 6 with all available parents in the labor force

N/A Source KIDS COUNT, 2021

Children living in households with a high housing cost burden

33% Source KIDS COUNT, 2021